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Air Sander using Tips

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Pneumatic sander is one of the common grinding tools, it can not only polish the finished surface but also purify the finished product. Although the process of grinding machine is more complex, but the use of grinder processing products are finely crafted surface is relatively smooth. And the grinder has the advantages of small noise, high efficiency, small size, simple operation and so on to become the first choice of our customers polishing equipment.

To polish a good product, not just master the operation method can, but also need to have a certain grinding skills, operators if they can not master grinding skills can not be polished out of round lubrication of the commodity surface, then share the pneumatic grinding machine 7 grinding skills.

1, polishing when the wood-print grinding, never cross-grinding, otherwise it will tear the wood, paint out of the private will leave lasting defects.

2, pneumatic grinding machine grinding time to be reasonable selection of different thickness sandpaper:

1, should not be too coarse, should not be too much use of a type;

2, should not jump sandpaper grit (refers to the type of sandpaper), jump from 200 to 600 or 800 grit.

3, the outer arc type and inner bow type plate parts, in the grinding must use a template (and plate shape common template, sandpaper on the template polishing), such as electric or pneumatic small pneumatic sandpaper machine, the landing should be sanded along the shape of the plate, in order to prevent sand into a step-like.

4, edge grinding edge brush, because sandpaper sand particles simply drop, wipe the surface there is the ability to grind wood. In addition, polished dust is simply embedded in the eyes, so it is necessary to brush the dust with a dry brush at any time during grinding, while grinding the edge brush, until the appearance of flat lubrication stop.

5, grinding usually with four fingers and palms to hold down, thumb clamp sandpaper. When polishing a large area of private household, can be cushioned square wood strips along the wood pattern polishing.

6, where the grinding object corner, the front can not collapse, the action to be light, must adhere to the original round or square generalization. Renovation line must adhere to the pen, can not make it twists and turns, cracking, deformation.

7, the board part has a bump scratch, should first use hot water electric iron, heating, as far as possible to recover the original plane after sand. Such as using the thumb, index finger and thumb press sandpaper, only limited to the sand part, not suitable for a large area of sand workpiece, otherwise will be all the flat sand into high and low uneven, and so on after coating can see clearly the appearance of the depression.


Looked at the above grinding skills should be able help you in the future polishing products, in addition, if you use pneumatic grinder failure, remember not to remove without authorization, be sure to contact The technical staff of Kaibao tool  company for maintenance.

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