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Daily maintenance of pneumatic grinder

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The pneumatic grinder uses abrasive tools to grind the surface of the workpiece. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of pneumatic grinders, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  • Daily maintenance of pneumatic grinder.

  • The company has pneumatic grinder products.

Daily maintenance of pneumatic grinder.

Pneumatic grinders must have a dedicated person responsible for maintenance and use, and regular maintenance to ensure that the pneumatic grinders are in good condition.

1. After the operation is completed, all parts of the machine, especially the sliding parts, should be wiped clean and oiled.

2. Remove grinding debris from various parts of the grinder.

3. The necessary parts of the pneumatic grinder are rust-proof.

Precautions for maintenance of pneumatic grinders

1. Before grinding with pneumatic grinder, please correct the balance of the grinding wheel.

2. The pneumatic grinder must carefully select the grinding wheel according to the material and hardness of the work piece.

3. The spindle end and the flange of the grinding wheel should be coated with a thin oil film to prevent rust.

4. Please pay attention to the direction of spindle rotation.

5. It is forbidden to use air guns to clean work objects and pneumatic grinders.

6. Please pay attention to whether the oil window oil circuit is smooth.

7. Dust suction box, filter steel, please clean it once a week.

8. When the suction power is weak, please check whether the dust suction pipe is blocked by dust.

9. Keep the dust suction pipe clean, otherwise it will burn.

Maintenance of lubrication system of pneumatic grinder

The lubricating oil is replaced after one month of initial use, and every 3-6 months thereafter. There is an oil drain plug under the oil tank, which can be used. Please also note that when changing the oil, clean the inside of the pneumatic grinder tank and the filter together.

The company has pneumatic grinder products.

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