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Did you use the pneumatic grinder correctly

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Did you use the pneumatic grinder correctly


Kaibao precision machinery  is pneumatic tool expert , focusing on pneumatic tools for 17 years, professional maintenance team and after-sales service department, Kaibao quality, you are worthy of trust, I would like to introduce the pneumatic grinding machine.

Pneumatic grinding machine is generally used for metal grinding, cutting, paint layer removal, putty layer grinding and so on. Pneumatic grinding machines include disc grinder, rail grinder and abrasive belt machine. Disc grinder has compound function. Two types of grinding machine are grinding machine and single motion disc grinding machine. They are suitable for rough grinding, and rail type grinding machine is suitable for finishing. When grinding narrow and small positions, belt grinder can be used.


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Pneumatic grinding machine has a variety of external 9-shaped structure, suitable for various angles of operation, small volume, high speed, high grinding efficiency, low noise, small vibration, strong dust absorption effect, long-term use without fatigue. It is suitable for surface grinding of iron plate, wood, plastic, tire industry, fine polishing, deburring, rust removal and paint removal in ship, automobile, abrasives and aviation industries.

There are some differences between the pneumatic grinder and the electric grinder. Due to its high speed, the grinding force is not as strong as that of the electric type. The grinding of the old film mainly depends on the rotary force. Therefore, the contact mode with the old film should be kept at an angle of 15 ° to 20 ° with the surface of the film; in addition, the pressure should not be too heavy. Due to the high speed, the grinder must be firmly maintained

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