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Failure analysis of sanding machine

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The sander has strong adaptability, can improve the dimensional accuracy of the work, and can improve the surface roughness of the workpiece; it can process workpieces with larger widths and narrow workpieces; it can process various flat surfaces and various curved surfaces. It can be used for mass production and small batch production.

When the air sanding machine is working, there will be various faults. You should learn to deal with and eliminate the faults in time, and proper maintenance will make the sanding machine have a longer life. The following is an analysis of the common faults of the sanding machine.

1. Limitation failure of sander

2. The belt deviation of the sanding machine

3. Sanding machine belt wrinkles

4. The sanding machine belt is broken

5. Abnormal vibration of the main bearing seat of the sander



Sander limit failure

There are limit switches on both sides of the sanding belt. When the sanding belt swings are out of order and deviate to one side, touch the limit switch, the sanding belt will loosen, and the main motor will automatically stop, which can effectively protect the sanding belt. Once the limit fails, it can cause damage to the abrasive belt, generate sparks when rubbing the frame, and even cause a fire.

Solution: Therefore, the limit switch should always check whether the action is reliable.


The belt deviation of the sanding machine

Generally due to improper adjustment, the normal belt swing should be 15-20mm, 15-20 times/min, moderate swing speed and a consistent swing in and out speed. If it is in an abnormal state for a long period of time, deviation may occur, especially if the speed of swing in and out is inconsistent,It is more likely to cause an abnormal shutdown of the machine; the machine switch is damaged, and the swing cylinder is damaged.

Solution: Poor dust collection and high dust concentration will affect the normal operation of the photoelectric cell, and also cause the belt to run off; the damaged accessories should be replaced in time to improve the dust removal effect.


Sanding machine belt wrinkles

Once the abrasive belt is wrinkled, it cannot be used again. Generally, there are three possible causes for the abrasive belt to wrinkle: grinding and repairing the roller caused by abrasion of the sanding roller and the tensioning roller; The surface of the sand roller is rusty and rough, and the belt is difficult to oscillate.

Solution: Drying can be used; the roller or sanding with finer sandpaper.


The sanding machine belt is broken

The break of the belt is mainly caused by the deviation of the belt, or the blunt belt is not replaced in time, or the sanding load is too large, or the hard object is encountered during the sanding process, or the quality of the belt itself is caused.

Solution: Try to avoid the break of the abrasive belt, otherwise it may cause a fire. When the current is abnormal, it should be observed whether the abrasive belt is blunt, and if it is, it should be replaced in time.


Abnormal vibration of the main bearing seat of the sander

Under normal circumstances, the vibration of the main bearing housing is very small. An experienced operator can judge whether it is normal or not. Generally, there is no condition to measure with instruments on-site, but it can be judged by comparison with other bearing housings, or from the surface of the sanding board. Inferior to judge.

Solution: When the bearing seat vibration is abnormal, it can be considered that there are two reasons. One is that the bearing is damaged. Just replace the bearing. The other is that the contact roller is worn and lost, the original dynamic balance is damaged, and the vibration is abnormal. In this case, the sand roller must be removed for maintenance.


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