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Features of pneumatic belt sander

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A pneumatic belt sander is mainly used for small, complex, difficult-to-grind parts. The characteristics of high processing efficiency, wide application range, strong adaptability, low use cost, safe and convenient operation, etc. are favored by users.Here are normal characteristics pneumatic belt sander.


1. Pneumatic belt sander has high grinding quality

2. Pneumatic belt sander has high grinding accuracy

3. Low grinding cost with a Pneumatic belt sander

4. Abrasive belt grinding process is flexible and adaptable



Pneumatic belt sander has high grinding quality

In addition to its multiple functions of grinding, grinding and polishing, this is also because:

(1) Compared with grinding wheel grinding, belt grinding is called "cold grinding". The grinding temperature is low, and the surface of the workpiece is not prone to be burned.

(2) The belt grinding system has low vibration and good stability.

(3) The working speed is stable, and the belt drive wheel will not be like a grinding wheel. The smaller the diameter, the slower the speed.


Pneumatic belt sander has high grinding accuracy

Due to the improvement of the quality of belt production and the production level of belt grinders, belt grinding has already entered the ranks of precision and ultra-precision machining, with the highest precision reaching below 0.1mm.


Low grinding cost with a Pneumatic belt sander

This is mainly manifested in:

(1) The abrasive belt grinding equipment is simple. The belt grinder is relatively simpler than the wheel grinder. This is mainly because the belt is light in weight, the grinding force is small, and the vibration is small during the grinding process. The rigidity and strength requirements of the machine tool do not need to be as high as the grinding wheel grinder.

(2) The operation of abrasive belt grinding is simple and the auxiliary time is short. Whether it is a manual or motorized belt grinding, the operation is very simple.

(3) The belt grinding ratio is large, the power utilization rate of the machine tool is high, and the cutting efficiency is high. The cost of tools and energy required to cut materials of the same weight or volume is reduced, and the time is shortened.


The abrasive belt grinding process is flexible and adaptable

This manifests itself in:

(1) Abrasive belt grinding can be conveniently used for the grinding of planes, inner and outer circles and complex curved surfaces. It can also be installed on a planer for use, and can also be designed as a variety of special grinders to designing an abrasive belt grinding head device as a functional part can be installed on a lathe for post-turning grinding. This feature of belt grinding can be used to solve some difficult-to-machine parts.

(2) There is a wide range of choices for the base material, abrasive, and adhesive of the abrasive belt, that can meet the needs of various purposes. There are also various specifications for the grain size, length and width of the abrasive belt, and various forms such as roll and ring are available for selection.


The pneumatic belt sander is very safe to grind, has low noise and dust, and is easy to control, and has good environmental benefits. Dongguan Kaibao Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of pneumatic grinders, polishing machines and their grinding discs. Continue to absorb advanced technology, listen to users' opinions, and continue to innovate.

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