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How much is air sanders, How it works, Tips and considerations for the use of pneumatic sanders

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Abstract: What is the principle of dynamic sander? Pneumatic sander, as the name implies, provide pneumatic capacity for continuous machine operation by connecting the blowers. This, of course, refers to pneumatic grinders used for polishing and polishing purposes. Pneumatic sander is a special use of a variety of materials to polish the object of the tool, can be very good for these materials of the product some of the bristles to remove, more in keeping with the needs of users, and thus by the masses of love. What is the price and method of use of pneumatic sanders? Let's learn more about pneumatic sanders!

Pneumatic sander principle:

The principle of pneumatic sander is that the grinder provides pneumatic capacity to achieve continuous operation of the machine by connecting the air-grinding machine, and the use of a stageless speed control system can easily adjust the grinding speed suitable for grinding various components.

Pneumatic sanders prices vary from $15 to about $120 depending on the model and quality.

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Air sander usage method:

 1, before using pneumatic sander to carefully check in advance all aspects of the sander components are not intact, to see if there is a loose place. Then check whether the grinding wheel is damaged or moisture phenomenon, and then install the grinding wheel piece, and to install very strong.

2, in the pneumatic grinding machine operation, its grinding direction is strictly prohibited against any person or flammable and explosive items. to avoid danger. Keep the surrounding site clean while the machine is working. To follow the instructions, operate the machinery correctly. In grinding, the force channel should be uniform, when the card resistance, to immediately lift the grinder up. When the pneumatic grinder is used for too long time, the temperature of the machine will rise and it will not be able to continue to operate when there is a hot hand, to avoid damaging the machine.


Precautions for use:

1, the use of non-professional tools to tap the sanding pad 

2, to regularly clean the pneumatic grinder sander, but also to maintain the machine and vents and its rotation smooth.

3, to regularly check the pneumatic grinder above the various components are not intact, and to regularly all the areas that need to be rotated to inject lubricants. Pneumatic grinder is now widely used in many industrial production, it has small size, low noise and high efficiency of grinding and so on, but in use should pay attention to the requirements, so as not to cause damage to the machine


Pneumatic sander grinding techniques:

(1) Pneumatic sander grinding time to reasonable selection of different thickness sandpaper:

a. Should not be too rough, should not use too much of a type;

b. Should not jump sand grit (refers to the type of sandpaper), from 200 to 600 or 800.


(2) when sanding along the wood grain grinding, never cross-grinding, otherwise it will make the wood grain tear, paint out of the home will leave lasting defects.


(3) Where the corner of the polished object, the front can not sand collapse, the action to be light, must adhere to the original round or square generalization. Renovation line must adhere to the pen straight, can not make it twists and turns, cracking, deformation.


(4) When grinding, usually with the four fingers and palms of the hand to hold, thumb clamped sandpaper. When grinding a large area of furniture, can be cushioned square wood strip along the wood grain grinding.


(5) Edge sanding edge brush, because sandpaper sand grains simple drop, wipe the surface there is the ability to grind the wood grain. In addition, the sanded dust is simply embedded in the eye, so it is necessary to use a dry brush at any time when grinding dust brush, while grinding edge brush, until the appearance of flat lubrication stop.


(6) When the board part has a bump and scratch, should first use hot water to power up the iron, heating, try to recover the original plane and then sand. Such as the thumb, forefinger and middle thumb to press sandpaper, limited to the sand part, not suitable for large areas of sand workpieces, otherwise all the flat sand into high and low uneven, such as coating can see clearly the appearance of the next concave.


(7) outer arc type and inner bow plate, in the grinding must use a template (and plate shape common template, sandpaper on the template polishing), such as with electric or pneumatic small sander, the machine should be sanded in the shape of the plate, in order to prevent sand into a step-like.

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