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How to maintance pneumatic tools

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Pneumatic tools are generally relatively small, and the advantage is that they are easy to use, not suitable for wear, and more importantly, they save money. The service life of pneumatic tools is very long, but if the use and maintenance methods are not correct, you will find that your pneumatic tools often have one or another problem. In this situation, many people complain about this and that, but it is strange that very few people complain about themselves even if they are worn out. In order not to complain about pneumatic tools, they should learn the knowledge of pneumatic tool maintenance correctly.

Air supply for pneumatic tools: Use 90PSI (6.2Bar) clean and dry air to supply the tools. Excessive air pressure will quickly reduce the life of the tool. Connect the tools with the appropriate size parts, pipes and hoses marked in the tool chart. If an air pressure regulator is used, set the air pressure to an output pressure of 0.62MPA.


Pneumatic tools use specific steps to connect the pneumatic tools to the air production line. Set the air pressure. The air production line must be equipped with an air lubricating oil device. If the air lubricating device is unqualified or not available, the following daily maintenance should be performed on the tool: After working continuously for 3 to 4 hours, separate the tool from the air source and drip from the tool air inlet. Pour in 7-8 drops of high-purity light engine oil with low viscosity, then connect the air pipe, open the air source, and blow the oil into the cylinder. For qualified users and the working intensity is full, it is recommended to install a small lubricator at the air inlet joint. Usually 30-40 days, the air compressor and the oil-water separator need to be regularly drained and maintained to remove impurities to ensure that the air entering the tool is clean and dry.


The advantages of pneumatic tools: easy access to air, low working pressure, used air can be discharged on-site, no need to recycle pipes; air viscosity is small, flow resistance loss is small, convenient for centralized air supply and long-distance transportation; pneumatic actuators The movement speed is high; the pneumatic system has strong adaptability to the environment, and can work reliably in a wide temperature range, humid and dusty environment, a slight leakage will not pollute the environment, no fire and explosion hazard, safe use; simple structure and maintenance Convenient and low cost; Pneumatic components have a long service life; The execution output of pneumatic components is smaller than hydraulic, movement is faster, and adaptable. It can work in harsh, explosive, heavy, humid, and impact environments without polluting the environment. , Long working life, simple structure, easy maintenance, low price.

The composition of the pneumatic tool series: air pressure generator_air compressor; pneumatic actuator; pneumatic control element_ used to control the pressure, flow and flow mode of the working medium to enable the actuator to complete the required movement rules, such as pressure, flow and Directional control valves and various logic elements, etc.; sensing elements and conversion elements detect the controlled parameters and turn them into air pressure signals. Qigong sensing elements and elements that convert air signals and electro-hydraulic signals to each other; pneumatic accessories_ Including air source purification, component lubrication, component connection and noise reduction components.

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