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Is the pneumatic sander related to the size of the air pump?

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Pneumatic sanders are generally used for metal grinding, cutting, removal of paint layers, and polishing of putty layers. Connect the air compressor to start operation.

The pneumatic sanders has a variety of shapes and structures, suitable for various angles of operation, small size, high speed, high grinding efficiency, low noise, low vibration, strong dust collection effect, and long-term use without fatigue. It is suitable for surface grinding of iron plate, wood, plastic, tire industry, fine polishing, deburring, rust removal, and paint removal in ships, automobiles, molds, and aviation industries.

mirka series air sander160

And there is such a relationship between the pneumatic sanders and the air pump:

1. The pneumatic grinder requires the air pump to provide pressure matching and stable gas consumption.

2. The amount of air produced by the air pump must be greater than the amount used by the pneumatic grinder.

3. The pneumatic polishing machine is a pneumatic tool used in a humid environment. The pressure of the compressed air source is required to be 0.45-0.6mpa, and the air supply rate is greater than 0.3 cubic meters per minute, which can meet continuous use.

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