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Maintenance and operation of air polishing machine

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The air polishing machine is a hand-operated electric tool used to polish the metal surface. Pneumatic polishing machine The polishing machine is specially designed for effective treatment on the surface and pipes of metal products such as steel, aluminum and copper. It can quickly repair deep scratches and slight scratches, and quickly polish and polish.

Nowadays, the grinder is used as a tool for cutting various materials in many applications. This tool is often thrown aside after use, and dust and debris are greasy all over the body. Electric polishing machines also require certain maintenance and maintenance, so that such tools can eliminate hidden dangers and ensure safer use by operators and longer tool life. You can pay attention to the following two points

1. Maintenance of air polisher

2. Attention to the operating procedures of the air polisher


Maintenance of air polisher

Check the connection of the power cord from time to time to see if it is firm, and check if the switch is flexible and reliable.

The brushes that are too worn should be replaced in time to prevent sparks caused by poor contact from burning the armature.

Check the air inlet and outlet of the tool at any time, and clean it in time if it is blocked.

Lubricate the tools regularly. If a tool is found to be faulty, it should be sent to a professional maintenance point for repair.

Check the marks regularly. For tools that are not marked or damaged, stop using them immediately.

Check the tools by visual inspection to observe whether there is any damage. You can also use wooden rough to beat them. If you hear a crisp sound, it means that there is no problem with the product. If there is an abnormal sound, it should be paid attention to.

Pay attention to the rotation strength. For safety reasons, the polisher cannot be used without inspection.


Attention to the operation procedure of air polisher

1) Before using, check in detail and determine whether the tool meets the conditions for use, and it is forbidden to work with the tool.

2) The use environment is dry, with sufficient light, and cannot be used in flammable and explosive places.

3) Correct use of tools, and special tools should be used to replace the grinding discs when replacing them.

4) Operators should wear complete clothing and should wear rubber gloves and non-slip boots when working outdoors.

5) The workpiece should be well fixed.

6) During continuous use, if the tool is found to be overheated, stop using it, add lubricating oil, and continue using it after checking and confirming that there is no fault.

7) Regularly check the connection wires, if they are damaged, they should be replaced immediately.

8) When using an extension cord, a special mobile power supply with a leakage protector is required and manual tests are performed.

9) When the tool is maintained or the grinding disc is replaced, the power supply should be disconnected.

10) Maintain a high degree of attention during operation, and prohibit the use of tools when tired.


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