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Pneumatic sand belt machine applicable industry

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Nowadays pneumatic tools have a wide range of applications, and their safe and efficient features are generally welcomed by everyone. Now I will introduce the scope of application of pneumatic belt sanders and the applicable industries:

It is convenient for surface grinding and various operations such as radian, angle grinding, edging, rounding, square grinding, deburring, chamfering, and polishing range.

It is widely used in furniture, glass, marble, automobile, furniture manufacturing and other industries. In the glass, resin, ceramics, and manufacturing industries, it can also be used to process flat surfaces and workpiece edges. The company has improved the pneumatic sanding belt machine. The sanding belt and parts of it are made of special industry. The sanding belt has a long service life, a reasonable structure, and conforms to the principle of human mechanics. It is simple to use and can greatly reduce labor intensity. This can reduce cost.

belt sander

Because it is a pneumatic tool, it is powered by compressed air, so that the efficiency is improved, and the running speed of the belt machine can be controlled according to the effect. This can achieve the purpose well. The pneumatic belt machine, usually It needs regular maintenance. Lubricating oil is added for maintenance when not in use, which can improve the service life

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