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Pneumatic tools and their advantages

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Compared with power tools, pneumatic tools have the following advantages:

Simplicity: The operation of pneumatic tools is simpler and less prone to failure.

Job Stability: Work in fluctuating temperatures, extreme temperatures (high or low), and humid environments (even if there are product leaks). Pneumatic equipment and components generally wear less than electrical equipment, so the service life is long and the failure rate is low;

Work Safety: The seals on pneumatic tools work safely even in electrical accidents, fires, explosions, and even underwater.

Overload protection: They have a blocking system that is activated in the event of an overload, so the likelihood of damage is lower. If the pressure drops too low, unnecessary work cannot be carried out without damaging the network or operating elements. Because the compressed air cools as it is released during consumption, the pneumatic tool does not heat up


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