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Precautions and tips for pneumatic grinders

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Pneumatic gringding machineis a tool specially used to sand objects of various materials, which can well remove some burrs of products of these materials, which is more in line with the needs of users.

Pneumatic grinders are now widely used in many industrial productions. It has the advantages of small size, low noise and high grinding efficiency, but it is still necessary to pay attention to the requirements in use to avoid damage to the machine. You can pay attention to the following two aspects:

1. Precautions for the use of pneumatic grinder 

2. Pneumatic grinding machine polishing skills 


Precautions for the use of pneumatic grinder 

It is strictly forbidden to use non-professional tools to beat the grinding wheel when using a pneumatic grinder. 

The pneumatic grinder should be cleaned regularly, and the machine and the ventilation holes and its rotation should be kept smooth. Avoid damage caused by blockage of foreign objects.

It is necessary to regularly check whether the various parts on the pneumatic grinder are intact, and to regularly inject lubricating oil into all parts that need to be rotated. 


Pneumatic grinding machine polishing skills 

Pneumatic sanding machine should choose sandpaper of different thickness reasonably when sanding. It should not be too thick or too much to use one type. It is not recommended to change the type of sandpaper.

When polishing, follow the grain of the wood, never grind vertically or horizontally, otherwise the wood grain will be torn, and the lacquered furniture will leave lasting flaws. 

When polishing the corners of objects, the action should be light, and the original round or square should be adhered to for work. When decorating the line, the aunt should pay attention to keeping it straight, and not to make it twists, cracks, or deforms. 

When sanding, it is usually held with four fingers and palms, and the sandpaper is held by the thumb. When the polishing area is large, the square wood strip can be used for polishing along the wood grain. 

Brush while grinding, because the sand particles of the sandpaper simply fall off, and the wood grain can be worn off by rubbing the surface. In addition, the polished dust is simply embedded in the object. Therefore, it is necessary to use a dry brush to remove the dust and dust at any time during polishing. 

When the board part has bumps and scratches, you can use hot water to add an electric iron first, and then sand after heating it to recover the original flat surface as much as possible. If you press the sandpaper with your thumb, index finger and middle thumb, it is limited to the sand part and is not suitable for large-area workpieces. Otherwise, the entire surface of the sand will be uneven, and the concave appearance can be seen clearly after painting. Up. 

For outer arc and inner arc plates, you must use a template or a template that has the same shape as the plate when sanding. Put the sandpaper on the template for sanding.


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