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Seven sanding tips for grinding wood products with a pneumatic sander

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To polish a good product, it is not only necessary to master the operation method, but also need to have certain grinding skills. If the operator cannot master the grinding skills, he will not be able to polish the smooth and smooth surface of the product. Next, we will share about pneumatic grinding. 7 sanding tips for your machine.

1. When grinding, sand along the wood grain, never vertically and horizontally, otherwise the wood grain will be torn, and the painted furniture will leave lasting flaws.

2. The sandpaper with different thickness should be reasonably selected when grinding with the pneumatic sander:

(1), it should not be too thick, and one type should not be used too much;

(2), should not jump sand (referring to the type of sandpaper), jump from 200# to 600# or 800#.

3. When grinding the outer arc and inner bow plates, a template must be used (the template with the same shape as the plate, and the sandpaper is placed on the template for grinding), such as using an electric or pneumatic small pneumatic sandpaper machine. The parts should be polished according to the shape of the plate to prevent the sand from becoming stepped.

4. Brush while grinding, because the sand of the sandpaper is easy to fall off, and the wood grain can be broken by rubbing the surface of the object. In addition, the dust from grinding is easily embedded in the temples, so it is necessary to brush the dust off with a dry brush at any time during grinding, and brush while grinding until the surface is smooth and lubricated.

5. When sanding, usually press with four fingers and palm, and hold the sandpaper with thumb. When sanding furniture with a large area, you can use a square wood strip to sand along the wood grain.

6. The corners and edges of the polished objects should not be slumped, the action should be light, and the original round or square outline must be adhered to. The decoration line must be kept straight and must not be twisted, cracked or deformed.

7. When the board part has bumps and scratches, the iron should be heated with hot water first. After heating, try to restore the original plane before sanding. If you press the sandpaper with your thumb, index finger and middle thumb, it is only limited to the sand part, not suitable for sanding large-area workpieces, otherwise the entire flat sand will be uneven, and the concave appearance can be clearly seen after painting .

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