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Teach you how to had acrylic polished more bright by pneumatic tools

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1,Acrylic is a kind of plexiglass, currently widely used in advertising decoration, interior decoration, handicrafts and other industries. The surface is bright and clean into the mirror, and not easy to break, the quality is much lighter than ordinary glass, the most important thing is that the CNC processing of acrylic can be polished and polished and other processing methods to make the surface become bright and smooth again, the specific steps are as follows.


2,Preparation tools: 400,800 sandpaper, air sanders, polishing wax and polishing machine


3, First, the surface film that does not need to be polished can be polished after protection. Use pneumatic grinding machine to stick 400 sandpaper, because the speed of grinding machine is still very fast, even fine sandpaper grinding is easy


4,After grinding with 400 sandpaper, there is no obvious concave and convex feeling when you touch the grinding surface with your hands, but you can see some lines and abrasion marks with your eyes. At this time, change to 800 sandpaper for fine grinding. As a rule of thumb, dipping 800 sandpaper in water mill will be faster, and save sandpaper, because water will take away some of the abrasive debris


5, When you grind it again, you can see that the surface is completely without any traces of grinding. The surface is flat, but the luster is missing. At this time, you can use machine start polishing after using wheel wax, then acrylic polishing surface light stick polishing wheel, slowly move. Have to stop from time to time to check the polishing results, if found that there are small pits or scratches in the acrylic, that the grinding is not enough, can be a separate grinding of unqualified places.




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