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The characteristics and use of the grinder

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A grinding machine refers to a grinding machine that uses a grinding tool coated or embedded with abrasives to grind the surface of a workpiece. It is mainly used for grinding different workpieces such as flat, cylindrical and spherical surfaces. There are many different types of grinders. Below is the relevant information about fully automatic pneumatic grinders.

1. Features of the grinder

2. How to use the grinder

Features of grinder

Save labor cost: The automatic grinder only needs one person to discharge, start the machine, receive the material, and shut down the machine and does not need to watch the operation for a long time, that is, one person can operate multiple machines at the same time, which greatly saves labor costs.

Improve the replaceability of professional polishing workers: only need to adjust the grinding data of the grinder in advance, any person operating the machine can grind the products that meet the requirements, which greatly improves the replaceability of professional polishing workers.

Guarantee product quality: According to the pre-set grinding data, the product effect after grinding by the grinder is uniform and stable, which ensures the stability of product quality.

Easy to operate: The operation panel of the grinder is combined with a touch screen and buttons, which is easy to understand and more user-friendly.

Wide range of applications: suitable for grinding, deburring and wire drawing of side flatness of all metal products, such as stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, alloys, etc.

Diversified grinding effects: The swing mode of the belt grinder can be adjusted to up and down/left and right/up and down left and right to meet most of the requirements of grinding effects.

Customizable: According to customer needs, it can be customized as a water scrubbing belt machine, or a dust cover can be installed to reduce dust.

How to use the grinder

Before using the pneumatic grinder, carefully check whether there is any looseness in all parts of the grinder. Then check whether the grinding wheel is damaged, and then install the grinding wheel firmly.

The power socket of the pneumatic grinder must be equipped with a leakage switch device, and carefully check whether the power cord is damaged. After plugging in the power supply, you can't directly start working. Instead, you have to start it up and run it in advance to see if the polishing pad of the grinder is running normally. In addition, you need to ask a professional to check and confirm that there is no abnormality before you can start working.

When the pneumatic grinder is in operation, its cutting direction is strictly forbidden to face any person or flammable and explosive materials. To avoid danger. When the sander is working, keep the surrounding area clean. Operate the machinery correctly following the instructions. When polishing with the grinder, the force should be even, and when there is a jam, lift the grinder immediately. When the grinder is used for a long time, the temperature of the machine will rise, and when it is hot, it cannot continue to operate.

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