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The grinding methods of pneumatic grinding machine

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The pneumatic grinder is a kind of grinder. The pneumatic grinding machine is controlled by a step-less speed regulation system, which can easily adjust the grinding speed suitable for grinding various parts. Pneumatic grinding machines have several grinding methods. The grinding method of different pneumatic grinding machines can be selected according to different needs

1. Centrifugal grinding method

2. Rotary grinding method

3. Vibration grinding method

4. Water vortex grinding method


 Centrifugal grinding method

When an ordinary rotary grinder rotates at a high speed, the mixture will surround the grinding groove. There is no relative movement between the workpiece and the grinding stone, so there is no relative movement difference, and the grinding effect will be greatly weakened. In the centrifugal grinding method, several grinding grooves are equidistantly installed on the rotary shaft of the rotary head disc to perform planetary rotation and give centrifugal force. The substance will be enclosed on the side of the outer circle of the groove wall due to centrifugal action. The rotating outer disc circle rotates and grinds once, and the grinding tank reverses once, and the substance moves in the direction of rotation where the space in the grinding tank contacts the upper part. Due to the centrifugal pressure and forced flow speed of the substance, the free grinding stone in the substance flows with the workpiece, and the relative movement difference is caused by the flow, and the grinding effect is produced due to the existence of the relative movement difference. The rotation speed is 140~180r/min, and the relative motion difference and centrifugal force will increase in proportion to the number of rotations. Its grinding effect is more than 60 times that of rotary grinders and 5 to 8 times that of vibrating grinders. The grinding ability of the centrifugal grinder is very good, showing great grinding power. It is widely used in the finishing of precision machineries such as watches, electronics, and electrical parts, and is especially suitable for the grinding of small workpieces. A high-speed grinding machine, precision grinding machine


Rotary grinding method

The rotary grinding method is a processing method in which the workpiece, grinding stones, abrasives, and water are placed in a grinding tank to a predetermined rotary motion to produce a fluid layer on the surface of the material for finishing. This kind of grinding method is more suitable for the grinding of small and medium-sized parts and multi-variety and small-batch workpieces.


 Vibration grinding method

The vibration grinding method is a processing method in which the workpiece, the grinding stone, the abrasive, and the water are vibrated in the grinding tank, and the relative movement difference between the grinding stone and the workpiece caused by the vibration is used for grinding. The net space generated by the rotary grinder is eliminated, and 100% of the solvent in the grinding tank is used. This kind of grinding method improves the work efficiency of the rotary grinding machine by 3 to 5 times, and the workpiece to be processed has no marks, deformation and other phenomena. It is currently a widely used grinding method.


Water vortex grinding method

The water vortex grinding method is to put grinding stones, water, and abrasives into a cylindrical grinding tank installed on a vertical or horizontal surface. As the grinding tank rotates, the grinding stone will form a fine and rigid grinding layer due to centrifugal force. . Putting the workpiece in the grinding layer will produce a high-efficiency grinding effect due to the relative movement of the grinding stone.


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