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The role of pneumatic sander

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Pneumatic sanding machine is the mechanical equipment used to complete the sanding work. It involves a wide range of categories in the industry. This article will introduce the relevant knowledge of the pneumatic sanding machine, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

  • The role of pneumatic sander.

  • The company has pneumatic sanding machine products.

The role of pneumatic sander.

1. Fixed thickness sanding: Sanding processing to improve the thickness accuracy of the workpiece. For example, the veneer substrate needs to be sanded with a pneumatic sander before the veneer.

2. Surface sanding: It refers to the use of a pneumatic sander to improve the surface quality, and evenly sand to a layer of sanding processing on the surface of the board to eliminate the knife marks left by the upper workers, so that the surface of the board is beautiful, smooth and useful. Used for veneer, dyeing, printing and painting.

3. Sand wool: refers to the pneumatic sanding machine sanding processing to ensure the bonding strength of the decorative board (veneer) and the base material and improve the roughness of the back of the decorative board.

The last thing to note is that the pneumatic sander often comes into contact with the fine grinding dust of wood, and the motor that accumulates dust for a long time will reduce the heat dissipation, which will affect the efficiency of the pneumatic sander and the life of the motor. Moreover, the sawdust accumulated in the reversing switch copper sheet at the tail of the rotor is easily carbonized under the influence of high temperature to form carbon powder. Excessive accumulation will short-circuit the reversing switch copper sheet and cause the rotor to burn. Therefore, the pneumatic sander must be cleaned frequently.

The company has pneumatic sanding machine products.

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