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What are the differences between pneumatic tools and electric tools

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What are the differences between pneumatic tools and electric tools. Among hardware tools, electric tools and pneumatic tools are two very common and used tools, but today the editor of Dongguan Kaibao Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. will organize and analyze for you as follows: The weight-volume ratio is larger than the output power, and it is smaller and lighter than the electric tool under the same output power. There is no overload failure, even if the pneumatic tool is overloaded. The tool just stops rotating. Once the overload is removed, it will resume normal operation on its own. It will have no effect on the tool and will not cause any failure. If the power tool is overloaded, it will heat up, or even burn the motor, which will cause high maintenance costs and affect the work progress. And work efficiency. Seriously, it will also threaten the life safety of operators. It is easy to use and maintain. It can be used when connected to the air source. Add two drops of sewing machine oil to the air inlet of the tool during daily use. The air compressor drains more water. Strong water resistance, although water immersion is harmful to tools, it will not be as fatal as power tools; the unique explosion-proof structure does not produce electric sparks. So it can be used in places where there is a risk of explosion, such as coal mine operations. Speed adjustment and output power adjustment are simple, which can be done simply by operating the air supply valve handle and adjusting the adjustment valve, and the air supply source can also be adjusted and controlled. Save energy and reduce costs. Equipped with a standard air source in the industrial workshop, you can bring multiple tools to use at the same time. Long life and high safety. Since it is a device that uses the energy of compressed air provided by the air compressor as a power source, it will not have the phenomenon of electric tools leaking and hitting people, nor will it generate electric sparks. It can be used in any place and will not be harmful to the environment. threatening. Pneumatic is one of the most effective means of automation and mechanization, with high efficiency and fast speed, and is widely used in all walks of life. Moreover, the source of aerodynamics is inexhaustible and inexhaustible air, which can be used endlessly, eliminating the need for cumbersome recovery devices and reducing additional costs. Although pneumatic cylinders also require electricity, the cost of pneumatics is lower than that of electric tools. Electricity must require a power source, and the location of the power cord and socket causes the limitation of its working distance. Secondly, electric power consumption is higher, which is a load on the environment. According to research, the rate of human consumption of natural resources is far 1.5 times that of natural recovery. Of course, electric efficiency will be higher. In addition, environmental factors, such as high temperature, humidity, dust, etc., have relatively little impact on aerodynamics, but maintenance work must be done well.


Finally, we can draw conclusions from three aspects

1. Working ability: Both provide a variety of different working methods, but the pneumatic tool speed adjustment and output power adjustment are simple, and under the same output power, it is more compact and lighter. In addition, pneumatic tools can provide more levels of choice in the speed range, there is no heating and overload failure, when the overload is started, the tool only stops rotating, and once the overload is removed, normal operation will be restored.

2. Environmental adaptability: In terms of environmental application capabilities, pneumatic tools are more resistant to water. Although water immersion is harmful to the tool, it will not generate electric sparks and cause harm like hardware electric tools. And because the pneumatic tool can use an internal combustion engine air pump, it can adapt to various bad or harsh environments.

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3. Economy: In terms of economic performance, the initial investment of electric tools is relatively small, but the long-term use of energy consumption is high, and the cost of tool maintenance and replacement is also high. The initial investment of pneumatic tools requires the establishment of air pressure pipeline equipment, but the long-term use of energy consumption and tool maintenance costs lower.

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