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What is a pneumatic belt sander?

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A pneumatic belt sander is mainly used for small, complex and difficult to grind parts. It is widely used in the grinding of bicycles, aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die-casting products. Its processing objects and application fields are becoming more and more extensive. The pneumatic belt sander can process almost all engineering materials, from general daily life appliances to large aerospace appliances, and has become an important means to obtain significant economic benefits. You can learn more about the pneumatic belt sander from the following aspects

1. Introduction of pneumatic belt sander

2. Application range of pneumatic belt sander


Brief introduction of pneumatic belt sander

1. Quiet, no vibration, air motor has very strong power.

2. Utilizing the softness of the sponge wheel and grinding with the emery cloth ring belt, all angles, round faces and planes appear immediately.

3. The line display grinding can be adjusted by the grinding control board.

4. The special convex clamp is convenient to hold and operate.

5. Due to the rear exhaust type, oil and water will not adhere to the grinding surface.

6. Small size, lightweight, when operating for a long time.

7. Reduce the processing level.

8. Reduce the preparation of tool types.


Application range of pneumatic belt sander

The superior grinding performance and flexible process characteristics of the pneumatic belt sander determine that it has an extremely wide range of applications. From daily life to industrial production in all walks of life, belt grinding is almost universal in all fields. The variety of application forms and wide range are unmatched by any other processing method. Specifically in:

A. Pneumatic belt sander can grind almost all engineering materials. In addition to the materials that can be processed by the grinding wheel, it can also process non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum and non-metallic soft materials such as wood, leather, and plastics. In particular, the "cold state" grinding effect of belt grinding makes it more unique when processing heat-resistant and difficult-to-grind materials.

B. Pneumatic abrasive belts can process workpieces of various shapes with high surface quality and precision requirements. Abrasive belt grinding can not only process common flat, internal and external circular surface workpieces but also process large or special-shaped parts with high surface quality and precision requirements with extremely high efficiency.

C. The belt sander equipment has various forms and varieties. It can be processed on various abrasive belt grinding equipment. General-purpose belt grinding equipment, the small ones include portable belt polishing machines, universal belt polishing machines, and desktop belt polishing machines; the larger ones include cylindrical belt grinders, flat belt grinders, centerless belt grinders and internal circular sanding machines. With a grinder and so on. Special abrasive belt sanding machines include automobile tire rim end face sanding belt polishing machine, camshaft belt profiling sanding machine, and motorcycle fuel tank sand belt polishing machine, motorcycle fuel tank sand belt polishing machine, special stainless steel star basin hairline Wait.



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