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What is a pneumatic sandblaster?

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The pneumatic sandblaster is characterized in that it includes a machine, a lock nut threaded with the gun body, a front end with an air inlet port that extends into the inner cavity of the gun and an air inlet pipe connected to the gun body, and one end extends into the inner cavity of the gun and is connected to the gun body. The suction tube connected to the gun body, the sandblasting tube installed in the locking nut, the front section of the sandblasting channel in the sandblasting tube is horn-shaped, and the air intake pipe and the suction tube are connected to the locking nut in the gun body. The mixing chamber where the pipe and the sandblasting channel communicate. The pneumatic sandblaster only needs to be connected to compressed air to be used. The shape looks very simple, but it can play a strong sandblasting function. There is no need for special barrels and accumulators for abrasives. Learn more about pneumatic sandblasters.

1. Use of pneumatic sandblaster

2. How to use the pneumatic sandblaster

Use of pneumatic sandblaster

Surface cleaning of workpieces: it can be used for metal corrosion layer, residual salt and oxide layer on the surface of heat-treated parts, the oxide layer on the surface of rolled parts, the oxide layer on the surface of forging parts, the oxide layer on the surface of welding parts, sand and oxidation on the surface of castings Layer, residual dirt and tiny burrs on the surface of machined parts,

The surface of the old parts is treated to remove the surface adhesion layer, reveal the true color of the matrix, and the surface cleaning quality can reach Sa3 level.

Pretreatment of the workpiece surface before coating: it can be used as the pretreatment process of various electroplating processes, brush plating processes, spraying processes and bonding processes to obtain an active surface and improve the adhesion between plating, coating and bonding parts. Focus on.

Changing the physical and mechanical properties of the workpiece: It can change the surface stress state of the workpiece, improve the lubrication conditions of the mating part, and reduce the noise during the movement of the mating part. The surface of the workpiece can be hardened, and the wear resistance and fatigue strength of the parts can be improved.

How to use the pneumatic sandblaster

1. Be accurate when installing the suction tube and suction hose on the body.

2. Confirm whether each part is loose. (Be careful when installing the nozzle loosely)

3. Check whether the air regulator of the main body is closed.

4. Put the abrasive in a bucket or other container. Just insert the straw into the bag to use

5. Connect the hose to the body.

6. The straw is inserted into the barrel or other container.

7. When setting the body, it must be object-oriented.

8. After pressing the air valve, the abrasive will spray out from the front of the nozzle.

9. Spray while watching the degree of processing.

10. Before stopping the compressed air, take the straw out of the bucket or other container, and perform air blowing to blow out the abrasive. (If you don't blow air, the abrasive may flow back into the intake valve, which will cause damage to the valve.)

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