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What is a straight-line air sander?

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A straight grinder, also known as a hand-held grinder, is a double-insulated handheld tool powered by a single-phase series motor through a gear drive to drive the grinding wheel for grinding operations. It has the characteristics of easy use, high speed, and lightweight. What is a straight-line air sander and how to use it can be further understood from the following two aspects

1. Brief description of a straight-line air sander

2. Operation rules of a straight-line air sander

Brief description of a straight-line air sander

The straight grinder is also called a hand-held grinder. It uses a flat grinding wheel with a thickness of about 20mm. When working, the circumferential surface of the grinding wheel is used for sanding. There is no side handle, and the headshell part is used as a handle. The reduction box gear adopts straight tooth speed reduction.

In the manufacturing and maintenance of ships, boilers, chemical machinery and various machinery, it is used for metal processing operations to remove burrs, chamfer various grinding operations, remove burrs and oxide scales, grind welds, sanding, polishing, etc. . It is light and powerful, easy to operate, and equipped with an adjustment switch, which can control the speed according to the purpose of the operation, and is safe and reliable.

Operating rules of a straight-line air sander

According to the manual of the grinding wheel, select the grinding wheel that matches the rotation speed of the main shaft of the grinding wheel.

The newly obtained grinding wheel must have a factory certificate or inspection test mark. Before installation, if there are defects in the quality, hardness, grain size and appearance of the grinding wheel, it cannot be used.

When installing the grinding wheel, the gap between the inner hole of the grinding wheel and the main shaft should not be too tight and should be controlled according to the technical requirements of loose fit, generally between 0.05 and 0.10 mm.

Both sides of the grinding wheel should be equipped with flanges, the diameter of which should not be less than one-third of the diameter of the grinding wheel, and a gasket should be placed between the grinding wheel and the flange.

When tightening the nut, use a special wrench and not tighten it too tightly. Hammering with hard objects is strictly prohibited to prevent the grinding wheel from being broken.

After the grinding wheel is installed, the protective cover, baffle and bracket must be installed. The gap between the baffle and the bracket and the grinding wheel should be kept within 1 to 3 mm and slightly lower than the center of the grinding wheel.

When starting the newly installed grinding wheel, don't be too rushed, first jog and check it, and then use it after 5-10 minutes of trial rotation.

Do not use too much force during the initial grinding to avoid accidents due to uneven force on the grinding wheel.

It is forbidden to grind copper, lead, wood and other things to prevent the impact of the grinding wheel.

When sharpening the knife, one should stand on the side of the grinder. Two persons are not allowed to sharpen the knife on a grinding wheel at the same time.

The knives that have been sharpened for a long time should be cooled in time to prevent hot hands.

Regularly repair the balance of the grinding wheel surface to keep it in good condition.

Sharpeners should wear protective glasses.

The vacuum cleaner must be intact and effective, if any malfunction is found, it should be repaired in time

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