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What is the difference between a Belt Air Sanders and a grinder?

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Belt Sanders and grinders are the same type of machinery, but they are called differently. The key is to see what you need, there are some differences between the two machines.

1. The difference in machinery

2. Compared with the grinder, the Belt Sanders has the following advantages


The difference in machinery

As a common grinding and polishing equipment, the belt machine has a wide range of applications in various industries. From the aspects of shape, structure, size, etc., it can be divided into handheld belt machines, desktop belt machines, and vertical belt machines. In terms of driving mode, it can be divided into pneumatic belt machine and electric belt machine. From the grinding form of belt machine, it can be divided into contact wheel belt machine, flat sanding pad type belt machine, and free suspended sand. With machine etc.

The grinder, including the pneumatic grinder, is mainly composed of a base, a grinding wheel, a motor or other power source, a bracket, a protective cover, and a water feeder. The grinding wheel is set on the top surface of the base, and the base has a power for housing. In the space of the source, the power source drives a reducer. The reducer has a drive shaft that penetrates the top surface of the base for fixing the grinding wheel. The base corresponds to the bottom of the grinding wheel and has a recessed catchment area, which extends outwards first. Road, the water feeder is arranged above one side of the grinding wheel, the water feeder has a space for containing water, and the side of the water feeder corresponding to the grinding wheel has a water outlet. The overall transmission mechanism is very streamlined and perfect, which makes the grinding process more convenient and smooth and improves the grinding efficiency of the overall grinder.



Compared with the grinder, the Belt Sanders has the following advantages

The abrasive belt used by the abrasive belt machine is a kind of elastic grinding, which can more absorb the rigid impact during the grinding process.

The abrasive belt used by the abrasive Belt Sanders has a stronger cutting force than the grinding wheel due to the characteristics of the surface abrasive sand planting method, the grinding ratio is much higher than the grinding wheel grinding, and the power utilization rate reaches 960%, which is even better than the grinding wheel machine. Energy saving.

Compared with the grinder, the abrasive Belt Sanders has a lower grinding temperature, and the surface of the workpiece is not prone to burns, deformation, and metallographic changes.

Because the sand belt itself is lighter in weight, the balance of the system is easier to control, unlike the grinder that is prone to dynamic imbalance during use.

Compared with the grinder, the grinding line speed of the belt machine is stable. Unlike the grinding wheel, the grinding line speed decreases with the use of the outer diameter. In the automated grinding mechanism, there is no need to consider the compensation change of the grinding position. More use The realization of automation.

Compared with the grinder, the abrasive belt machine has a low cost of consumables and a variety of types. The abrasive belt can be flexibly replaced according to the surface effect, and the cost of consumables is low.

Compared with grinders, the equipment cost of the belt machine is low, especially compared with the grinding wheel grinder. This is because the belt is light in weight, the normal grinding force is small, and the vibration is also small. The rigidity and strength of the machine tool and the accuracy of the assembly are far Lower than the grinding wheel grinder.

The belt machine is safer than the grinding wheel machine. Because the quality of the belt itself is lighter, the rigid impact during grinding is small. The working noise is less than that of the grinding wheel. Even if the belt is broken, it is not as injured as the grinding wheel is broken. Human danger.

Compared with grinders, Belt Sander machines have greater process flexibility and greater adaptability. This is because belt grinding can change the grinding contact form according to different needs, and it can better fit and contact the grinding working surface.


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