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air sander for robot grinding automation

For roughing out, sanding or polishing, the Rodcraft sanders range offers a wide choice of professional tools. Essential for workshop or industrial applications, this high-quality equipment meets numerous requirements in terms of power and frequency of use. Variable speed drive, ergonomic handling, modular trays, easy-to-change accessories, etc. Material properties are also taken into account for safe, practical and efficient use on wood, composites and aluminum-type metals.

In addition to multi-function sanders, body polishers are also available. From sanding operations to finishing, the Rodcraft sanders adapt to many different jobs. Kits include ancillaries, consumables and replacement soleplates. In order to preserve air quality in confined spaces, such as a workshop, pneumatic and electric sanders have a dust bag or system compatible with a dust extraction unit.


Product Description

Air sander for robot grinding automation

it seems that robotic finishing is coming-of-age. People are starting to see the great benefit of using a robot for sanding and polishing jobs.

There are a ton of different sanding tools available on the market. Many models are aimed at consumer users and are not rugged or long-lasting enough for industrial use. Amongst those that are aimed at industrial use, everyone has their favorite brand.

Understandably, people want to use their favorite brands of sanding tool with their robot. Kaibao is a brand that has a loyal following;





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