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  • PS-70198N Pneumatic Sander
  • PS-70198N Pneumatic Sander
  • PS-70198N Pneumatic Sander
  • PS-70198N Pneumatic Sander
  • Product name:PS-70198N Pneumatic Sander
  • Product model:PS-70198N
  • Product weight:1.13kg
  • power:240W
  • speed:10000rpm
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Superior (FESTOOL&RUPES Quality)                                                                                                                                           

PANDAS, 70x198mm                                                                                    

Non-Vacuum, Orbit 3mm

New version, high strength, wear resistant, long service life
- Air Inlet:1/4", hook and loop sanding pad:5", Free speed: 12,000 revolutions per minute
- Rear exhaust. Built-in regulator for speed control
- Lighter air-motor assembly, ideal for vertical and overhead sanding applications
- Average air consumption: 10.5 CFM;Air Pressure: 90 PSI
- LOW VIBRATION--- Reduce operator's fatigue and make peoject super flat and smooth.
- METAL AIRLET VALVE--- Adjustable Built-in stainless steel regulator valve won't be broken and control airflow speed easily.
- BIGGER GRIP--- Widened Rubber cushion grip is more suitable for Amercians and Europeans' palm of hands.
- PERFECT DESIGN--- Composite body, hook and loop pad, rear exhaust with silencer sponge, quick connector and balanced ball bearing construction.


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