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  • 6 inch PANDAS Pneumatic Sanders
  • 6 inch PANDAS Pneumatic Sanders
  • 6 inch PANDAS Pneumatic Sanders
  • Product name:6 inch PANDAS Pneumatic Sanders
  • Product model:PS-6800N
  • Product weight:1kg
  • power:240W
  • speed:10000rpm
  • 0

Superior (FESTOOL&RUPES Quality)                                                                                                                                              PANDAS, 6inch,                                                                       

Central-Vacuum, Orbit 5mm,2.5mm,8mm                                                                   

With Festool-Type Pad



1.Applicable for polishing  the surface of metal,furniture,alloy,glass fiber reinforced plastics(fiberglass),laptop,cell phone,automobile,plane,plastic,steamer etc;

2.Light weight , low vibration and ergonomic design enable easy control with one hand;

3.Stable,smooth,durable and environmental;

4.Side variable speed control allows users to easily adjust speed for different applications;

5.OEM or ODM is available in our factor;

6.Various sanding pad & paper (Vinyl or Velcro type) are availabe as per specific demand.

Warm tips:

*Add 2~3 drops of air lube oil to the air sander before&after using.

*Rotate the air sander with nothing a few seconds after adding air lube oil

*Cheak before using.Add lube oil to lubricate and clean dust.

*If find any part broken or missing,do not use it until it is fixed.

*Assembling sanding pad and sandpaper when switch is on is prohibited

*Do not overload the sander and rotate it without sanding pad at high speed and it will be durable.


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