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what are the difference between Polishing machine,grinders and sanders

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Polishing machine,grinders, sanders these three types of machinery is actually a completely different type of machinery, many people are confused, including some authoritative platforms have been confused situation, or even equivalent. In fact, although the principle of the three are similar, and also similar functions, but there are large differences, because they have almost no competitive relationship. We'll go into more detail about the differences to make it easier for us to identify them:


Polishing machine:

mainly using polishing wheel friction with polishing wax so that metal and other surfaces to achieve a clean and even mirror effect. The electric motor drives the sponge, wool or grinding wheel polishing disc installed on the polishing machine to rotate at high speed, and the purpose of removing paint surface pollution, oxidation layer and shallow marks can be achieved by the combination of the polishing disc and the polishing agent and friction with the surface to be polished. Polishing machines are more diverse than grinders and sanders, and the main categories are divided into manual polishers and automatic polishing machines. Manual polishing machine type is relatively single, mainly a motor and single-axis composition with the polishing wheel for polishing. 

Automatic polishing machine because of the pursuit of efficiency more professional, for different products will have different machinery, resulting in more types of automatic polishing machine. Example: metal products, flat products, round tubes, square tubes and other products surface polishing treatment, can make the metal surface to achieve the mirror effect. It is a processing equipment that can achieve the brightest effect in surface treatment.




also known as vibration grinder, through the workpiece and stone and other abrasive friction to reduce the surface of the workpiece burrs, side thorns of the grinding method, mostly for the drum-type shape design. For small and medium-sized workpiece surface polishing, clifering, removal of hair edges, polishing, gloss finishing treatment, after treatment does not destroy the original shape and dimensional accuracy of the part, can eliminate the internal stress of the part, and improve the surface finish, accuracy of the part. For example, the most commonly used at present are Buddha beads, small die castings, screw caps and other products surface preliminary treatment, all need to use this vibration grinder.




According to the power classification can be divided into pneumatic sanders and electric sanders, according to the size of machinery can be divided into sitting grinders and portable grinders. Suitable for iron plate, wood, plastic, tire industry surface grinding, ships, automobiles, abrasives, aviation industry fine polishing, hair removal, rust removal, paint and other operations. Iron plate, wood, clinker and so on generally use sitting grinding machine,while cars, ships and other larger surface grinding generally using portable.


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Through the understanding of above, we can not difficult to find that in the industry I often confuse the three machinery in the field of processing there are huge differences, we can distinguish according to its specific processing areas or the final effect of the finished product to distinguish. Polishing as the name implies is the need to process products to the surface light, grinding is the product epidermis impurities and burrs to achieve smooth, polishing is mainly to make the product surface flat. Smooth;


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