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why the pneumatic grinder fail

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Pneumatic grinding machine belongs to a kind of pneumatic tools, it has a variety of shape structure, suitable for all kinds of angle operation, small volume, high speed, high grinding efficiency, low noise, small vibration, strong industrial effect, long-term use of non fatigue characteristics, mainly used in plastic, iron plate, car, ship and other fine polishing, deburring, painting and other operations.

Although the pneumatic grinding machine is convenient to use, small size and low noise, how should we deal with some common faults? The following is to see the common failures and maintenance methods of pneumatic grinding machine.

1、 Failure of pneumatic grinder:

1. Grinding machine speed is slow; 2, idling is very normal, grinding things stop; 3, when rotating, especially shaking hands; 4, motor does not rotate; 5, rotation.

grinder polisher

2、 Failure causes of pneumatic grinder

1. The air inlet is blocked by foreign matters; the inlet flow rate cannot meet the requirements or the working pressure is too low; the switch adjusting device is not adjusted to the maximum inlet position; the valve pin is bent and cannot be fully opened. The cylinder is worn unevenly; the upper and lower cylinder covers are worn; the bearing is broken.

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