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What is the correct way to use pneumatic grinder?

Release time:2020-07-22 Number of hits:258

1. Before using the pneumatic grinder, please carefully check the protective cover and auxiliary handle, which must be in good condition without looseness. Before installing the grinding wheel, pay attention to whether there is damp and missing angle, and the installation must be firm without loosening. It is forbidden to knock the grinding wheel clamping nut with other external tools without special tools.

2. The power socket of the pneumatic grinding machine must be equipped with leakage switch device, and check whether the power line is damaged. Moreover, the pneumatic grinding machine must be started for trial run before use to see whether the grinding disc runs smoothly and normally. The wear degree of carbon brush shall be timely replaced by professional personnel, and it can be used normally after confirmation.

3. The cutting direction of pneumatic grinding machine during operation is strictly forbidden to face the surrounding staff and all inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, so as to avoid unnecessary injury. Keep the workplace clean and tidy. Use it correctly to ensure personal and property safety. When using the pneumatic grinder, it is important to remember not to use too much force, but to slowly and evenly, so as to avoid crushing of the grinding plate and cutting V-belt. In case of jamming of the grinding plate, the pneumatic grinder should be lifted immediately to avoid burning the pneumatic grinder or causing unsafe hidden danger due to the broken grinding disc. It is strictly prohibited to use the pneumatic grinder without safety protection cover. It is strictly forbidden to use or repair the pneumatic grinder whose protective cover is loose and cannot be fastened. It is strictly forbidden for the parties concerned to dismantle the pneumatic grinder without authorization.

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