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How many people know the secret of pneumatic grind

Release time:2020-07-22 Number of hits:278

Pneumatic grinding machine, as the name implies, is the grinding machine through the way of connecting the air blower to improve the air supply capacity and realize the continuous operation of the machine. At present, the domestic pneumatic grinding machine is better, that is, pandas pneumatic grinding machine. Of course, this refers to the pneumatic grinding machine used for polishing and grinding.

This kind of pneumatic grinding machine usually needs to cooperate with other grinding materials. The pneumatic grinding machine itself has no grinding ability. It needs to link the grinding material on the grinding surface of the pneumatic grinder. Generally, sandpaper is selected, and industrial cleaning cloth may be selected for others, so that the pneumatic grinder can have super grinding ability and let the operator know In the process of grinding operation, the operator is not so easy to fatigue, and can operate ultra efficiently. The grinding ability of the pneumatic grinder mainly depends on two factors, one is the vibration speed of the grinder, the other is the particle size of sandpaper.

Pandas pneumatic grinding machine series products are all ergonomic design, easy to operate, not fatigue, small and light, the overall eccentric shaft speed is stable, high speed, low vibration, high efficiency; pandas pneumatic grinding machine cylinders are wear-resistant hard surface treatment, longer service life, low noise, central dust suction type, increase the patent diversion function, can play a strong dust absorption ability Dust will not be blocked.

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