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Maintenance method of pneumatic grinder

Release time:2019-08-28 Number of hits:231

As a kind of hardware mold, pneumatic grinding machine is widely used in many fields. For hardware mold, its shape depends on its external structure. Quality and precision are closely related to the final quality. So after the use of pneumatic grinding machine, the usual maintenance methods we all master? The following small series on a detailed introduction.

Maintenance method of pneumatic grinder:

1: After long-term use, the cutting edge must be grinded, and demagnetization must be carried out on the edge surface after grinding, which can not contain magnetism, otherwise it is easy to block materials.

2: Spring and other elastic parts are easy to be damaged in the process of use, and generally appear fracture and deformation. The method adopted is to dismantle and replace. In the process of replacement, special attention must be paid to the specification and model of spring. The specification and model of spring are confirmed by color, outer diameter and length, and can only be replaced when the three items are the same.

3: In the process of die application, the punch is easy to break, bend and gnaw, and the punching sleeve is usually gnawed. Generally speaking, the damaged punch and punch sleeve are replaced with parts of the same specification and model. The parameters of punch mainly include working part size, installation part size, length dimension, etc.

4: Tighten the parts and check whether the tightening parts fall off or damaged. The method is to replace the parts with the same specifications and models.

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