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What are the types of pneumatic grinder? How to di

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Do you really choose pneumatic grinder? What is a good grinder and what kind of grinder is durable? What grinding machine should be used for different types of work? Let's take you to understand the common types of pneumatic grinding machine:

Pneumatic grinding machine with grinding wheel

Various portable grinding wheel pneumatic grinding machines commonly used in body repair include vertical pneumatic grinding machine, horizontal pneumatic grinding machine, parallel cone type pneumatic grinding machine, inclined pneumatic grinding machine, small wheel pneumatic grinding machine and inner hole pneumatic grinding machine.

① Vertical pneumatic grinder. The cylindrical surface of the grinding wheel is used to polish the surface of the car body, such as burring and leveling.

② Horizontal and parallel pneumatic grinder (angle grinding wheel). Grinding is carried out by using the cutting action of the edge of the grinding wheel.

③ Tilt type pneumatic grinder. It is mainly used for smoothing, deburring and chamfering of welds.

④ Pneumatic grinding machine for small wheel. Disc wheel, conical wheel, wire brush and other auxiliary parts can be selected for polishing in various occasions.

⑤ Internal hole pneumatic grinding machine. It can repair and grind the welding seam and burr of inner wall.

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