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Classification of pneumatic polishing machines

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Polishers are also called grinders and are often used for mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. Its working principle is: the motor drives the sponge or wool polishing disk installed on the polishing machine to rotate at high speed. Because the polishing disk and the polishing agent work together and rub against the surface to be polished, the paint surface pollution, oxide layer, and shallow marks can be removed. purpose. There are many different types of polishing machines, which can be divided into the following categories

1. Classified by power source

2. Classified by function

3. Classified by speed

4. Classification by material


Classified by power source

According to the power source, there are two types: pneumatic polishing machine and electric polishing machine. Pneumatic polishing machine is relatively safe, but it needs an air source; the electric polishing machine is easy to solve the problem of power supply, but we must pay attention to the safety of electricity.


Classified by function

According to the function, there are two types of dual-function industrial sanding/polishing machines and simple polishing machines. The dual-function industrial abrasive polishing machine can be equipped with a grinding wheel to polish metal materials and can be replaced with a polishing disc for car paint protection. This machine is heavier, 2-3 kg, but it works very smoothly and is not easily damaged. The speed of this model can be adjusted, which is suitable for professional beauty care personnel. The simple type of polishing machine is actually a drilling rig, with a small size and non-adjustable speed. It is difficult to grasp the balance when using it; professional beauty care personnel generally do not use this type of machine.


Classified by speed

According to the rotation speed, there are three types: high-speed polishing machine, medium-speed polishing machine and low-speed polishing machine. The speed of the high-speed polishing machine is 1750-3000 r/mAn, and the speed is adjustable; the speed of the medium-speed polishing machine is 1 200-1 600 r/rain, and the speed is adjustable; the speed of the low-speed polishing machine is 1 200r/min, and the speed is not adjustable.


Classification by material

Wool polishing disc: The wool polishing disc is a traditional cutting material with a strong grinding ability and high efficiency. It will leave whirlpools after grinding. It is generally used for grinding and polishing ordinary lacquer. Be cautious when using it for clear lacquer. Generally divided into two types: white and yellow. The bottom of the polishing plate is automatically pasted to realize the rapid conversion of the polishing plate. Generally, the white wool polishing disc has strong cutting power and can remove serious defects on the paint surface. It can be used with thicker wax polishing to quickly remove orange peel or modify the grinding marks; the yellow wool polishing disc has weaker cutting power than white wool polishing discs and is generally used with a fine wax. Polish the paint surface to remove the rough wax polishing marks and minor scratches on the paint surface.

Sponge polishing disc: Its cutting force is weaker than wool polishing disc, will not leave whirlpools, and can effectively remove the flaws of medium lacquer. The bottom back of the polishing disc is automatically pasted, and the polishing wheel can be quickly changed. It can be used for the grinding and polishing of ordinary paint and transparent paint of the car body and is generally used for polishing and waxing after the wool polishing disc.

Rabbit hair polishing disc: The cutting force of the rabbit hair polishing disc is between the wool polishing disc and the sponge polishing disc, and the bottom is automatically glued. It can be used for the polishing of normal car body paint and transparent paint.


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