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[Technology News] Maintenance and operation of air polishing machine
The polishing machine is a hand-operated electric tool used to polish the metal surface. Pneumatic polishing machine The polishing machine is specially designed for effective treatment on the surface and pipes of metal products such as steel, aluminum and copper. It can quickly repair deep scratches
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[Industry news] Classification of pneumatic polishing machines
Polishers are also called grinders and are often used for mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. Its working principle is: the motor drives the sponge or wool polishing disk installed on the polishing machine to rotate at high speed. Because the polishing disk and the polishing agent work togeth
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[Industry news] Common fault repair methods of pneumatic polishing machine
The polishing machine is suitable for automatic polishing and metal grinding and deburring. Lightweight, ergonomic design for easy one-handed control; variable speed control allows users to easily adjust the speed according to different applications; the pneumatic polishing machine is often used, an
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[Industry news] what is an air sander?
Air sander is a mechanical device that uses compressed air as power to polish the surface of materials. It is a piece of equipment used to polish objects. There are many types of air sanders from random orbital sanders to hand-held machines that can be used for fine finishing. Here are methods provi
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