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what is an air sander?

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Air sander is a mechanical device that uses compressed air as power to polish the surface of materials. It is a piece of equipment used to polish objects. There are many types of air sanders from random orbital sanders to hand-held machines that can be used for fine finishing. Here are methods provided for you to learn about air sanders:


1. The basic concept of common air sanders

2. The use of air sanders



The basic concept of common air sanders

Sanding and polishing are two words with similar meanings. They both refer to the physical manipulation of materials and objects that are uneven, uneven in thickness, or do not meet the requirements of the process by means of abrasive cloths, grinding wheels, sandpaper, scrapers, etc. to remove the surface. Air sander is smoother and flatter, with uniform thickness.It is a method to bring it up to standard for the production of various veneers, which can be widely used for surface cutting and polishing in industries such as automobiles, motors, metal products, furniture and instruments, handicrafts, plastics, leather, stone, etc.


The use of air sanders

(1) Sanding disc, grinding wheel, sanding belt, polishing wheel may break and explode at any time in the process of air sanders operation. You must wear glasses, helmets and other appropriate protective equipment when you are operating an air sander.

(2) When the machine is running, you need pay attention to the contact between your bady and the abrasive belt, grinding wheel, grinding head, polishing wheel, etc., so as to avoid injury.

(3) Prepare effective protection measures to make sure safety first when you are useing the machine.

(4) Sanding equipment should be installed in a dry, ventilated, direct-view environment.

(5) When using automatic sanding machine, it is recommended to use matching dust removal equipment, matching use to avoid malfunction or damaging of equipments.

(6) When the sanding belt is found to deviate from the track, it should be adjusted in time.

(7) Grinding wheel sanding must confirm the exact running direction of the grinding wheel and lock the grinding wheel to prevent it from flying out.



With any pneumatic equipment (such as sanders), the biggest hazard can be water-air compressors heat compressed air because one of the by-product of heating air is water. It can get into the air hose and sander when water builds up in the compressor. It is a good idea to place a water filter between the compressed air tank and the pneumatic tool to avoid potential water damage from contaminated workpieces or tools. After applying a drop or two of special tool oil, add it to the sander's air nozzle after each use.and then operating the sander for a few seconds  by placing the oil into the air nozzle, the oil can be distributed throughout the air sander. This will prevent water stains from occurring.


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