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What is a normal air grinder

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Please use the grinding machine to process various metal and non-metallic surface shapes. There are several different classifications of grinders, and their structures are similar. Take the centrifugal grinder as an example. The basic structure of the grinder includes a motor, a disk rotating body that realizes planetary rotation, a hexagonal drum with a removable polyurethane lining, a pulley system that drives the rotating body to rotate, and a drive roller. The barrel is composed of an arc-tooth synchronous gear transmission system, an operating system, and a safety insurance system.

1. The working principle of the air grinder

2. Plane working requirements of the air grinder

The working principle of the air grinder

Commonly used for deburring and polishing various small parts. When the centrifugal grinding machine is working, four hexagonal rollers are installed equidistantly around the rotating body. On the one hand, the rollers rotate with the rotating body and revolve; on the other hand, under the action of the synchronous belt transmission system, the rollers rotate around their own axis. The heart line rotates (turns in the opposite direction). The planetary movement of the drum makes the material in the drum always remain on the outer side of the inner wall of the drum due to the centrifugal force, and a fluid layer is generated on the surface. In this fluid body, the abrasive and the workpiece move relative to each other, and finely cut and squeeze the working surface, so that the surface of the workpiece is smoothed.

The lap is a tool to grind and shape the workpiece, and at the same time, it is the carrier of the abrasive. Its hardness should be lower than that of the workpiece, and it has a certain degree of wear resistance. It is usually made of gray cast iron. The metallographic structure of wet research tools is mainly ferrite; dry research tools use uniform and fine pearlite as the matrix. When grinding threads below M5 and small workpieces with complex shapes, mild steel laps are often used. When grinding small holes and soft metal materials, brass and copper grinding tools are mostly used. The research tool should have sufficient rigidity, and its working surface should have high geometric accuracy. The grinding tool is also subjected to cutting and wear during the grinding process. If it is operated properly, its accuracy can also be improved, so that the machining accuracy of the workpiece can be higher than the original accuracy of the grinding tool. It is an important condition to improve the quality of the grinding to properly handle the movement track of the grinding.

Plane working requirements of air grinding machine

The movement of the workpiece relative to the grinding tool should be as close as possible to the grinding stroke length of each point on the workpiece;

The movement trajectory of the workpiece evenly spreads over the entire surface of the research tool to facilitate uniform wear of the research tool;

The curvature change of the motion trajectory should be small so that the workpiece moves smoothly;

The trajectory of any point on the workpiece should try to avoid premature periodic repetition. To reduce the cutting heat, grinding is generally carried out under low pressure and low-speed conditions. The pressure of rough grinding does not exceed 0.3 MPa, the pressure of fine grinding

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