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  • Ps-70198n pneumatic sanding machine
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    Import materials

    PANDAS Air Sanders use import USA,Japan and Europe materies.

    High Power & High Efficiency

    With higher power, it can effectively improve the polishing
    efficiency and make the polishing surface more faster

    Low Vibration and Less Noise

    PANDAS Pneumatic sander, using high-performance motor set and
    transmission system, more silent

    Energy-Saving Stable and High Efficiency

    The power consumption of the Qigong grinding machine is lower, which
    effectively reduces the cost of electricity and safe to use

  • -Woodworking
    industry applications
  • -Automotive industry
  • -Electronics industry
  • -Foundry industry
  • -Ship industry
  • More industry
    Pneumatic grinding machine application

    Dongguan Kaibao Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. It mainly produces pneumatic grinding machine, polishing machine and its grinding disc. At the same time, it also sells imported brand tools from Japan and Taiwan

    • 3500 Square Modern Facotry , output
      more than 2000,000 PCS/Yearly
      / Pandas has a plant area of 3500 m2, 13 years of experience in pneumatic grinding machine production. It has 4-axis processing equipment, CNC lathe, CNC Internal Grinder, CNC external grinder, CNC flat grinder and other produc
      tion, as well as three-dimensional, secondary, hardness tester, micrometer and other testing equipment
      // Pandas has 56 assembly staff, skilled in equipment assembly, annual production capacity of pneumatic grinder can reach 200000, and product supply is timely
      8 years experience engineering team,
      more than twenty patented
      / KAIBAO has 8 teams of development technical engineers, all of whom have
      more than 8 years of experience in research and development of
      pneumatic grinding machines, constantly innovating and developing new series of products
      // With more than 20 patented technologies, it has also won international
      and national authoritative certifications and high-tech
      enterprise certifications.
    • The accessories are imported raw materials
      and the products are tested for real use
      / KAIBAO pneumatic grinder parts are imported from the United States, Japan
      and Taiwan, and the product quality is stable and durable
      //There are quality inspection departments to test the product life and related data
      and sample the actual use of the product, and has layers of inspection before leave
      facotry to ensure the quality of the pneumatic grinding machine
      Give integrity cooperation protection,
      cooperation satisfaction 99%
      /KAIBAO provides you with a cooperative protection mechanism and honest
      cooperation. We regularly return visits to customers on the use of products
      and constantly improve the technical requirements of Pneumatic grinding
      //A 10-person customer service team, 7*24-hour professional customer
      service to solve problems for you, and provide you with efficient solution
      feedback within 2 hours.
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    Dongguan Kaibao Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, mainly produces pneumatic grinding, polishing machine and its grinding disc, and also acts as an agent to sell imported brand tools from Japan and Taiwan. At present, the company's workshop covers an area of 3500 square meters, w...
    Equipment customization area ,
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