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[Industry news] Seven sanding tips for grinding wood products with a pneumatic sander
To polish a good product, it is not only necessary to master the operation method, but also need to have certain grinding skills. If the operator cannot master the grinding skills, he will not be able to polish the smooth and smooth surface of the product. Next, we will share about pneumatic grindin
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[Industry news] What is a straight-line air sander?
A straight grinder, also known as a hand-held grinder, is a double-insulated handheld tool powered by a single-phase series motor through a gear drive to drive the grinding wheel for grinding operations. It has the characteristics of easy use, high speed, and lightweight. What is a straight-line air
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[Industry news] What is a pneumatic sandblaster?
The pneumatic sandblaster is characterized in that it includes a machine, a lock nut threaded with the gun body, a front end with an air inlet port that extends into the inner cavity of the gun and an air inlet pipe connected to the gun body, and one end extends into the inner cavity of the gun and
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Teach you the advantages of pneumatic reciprocating saw file (2)
can help you have a better understanding of the air file and better application
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[Industry news] Use and purchase attention of polishing machines
Automatic polishing machines include pneumatic polishing machines and electric polishing machines. The operation is relatively simple, just place the object to be polished on the corresponding fixture in advance. Fix the fixture on the worktable of the automatic polishing machine. Start the automati
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[Industry news] What is the difference between a waxing machine and a polishing machine?
The difference between the waxing machine and the polishing machine is that the machine principle of the two is different. A polishing machine is an electric tool, and a waxing machine is a cleaning appliance that uses electricity to drive the brush plate to wax and polish the floor and smooth the g
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[Industry news] What is a normal air grinder
Please use the grinding machine to process various metal and non-metallic surface shapes. There are several different classifications of grinders, and their structures are similar. Take the centrifugal grinder as an example. The basic structure of the grinder includes a motor, a disk rotating body t
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[Industry news] Working principle of pneumatic air grinder
The pneumatic air grinder is a kind of grinder. The grinding machine is controlled by a step-less speed regulation system, which can easily adjust the grinding speed suitable for grinding various parts. Adopt electric proportional valve closed-loop feedback. The working principle of the pneumatic ai
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[Industry news] The characteristics and use of the grinder
A grinding machine refers to a grinding machine that uses a grinding tool coated or embedded with abrasives to grind the surface of a workpiece. It is mainly used for grinding different workpieces such as flat, cylindrical and spherical surfaces. There are many different types of grinders. Below is
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[Technology News] Advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic tools
Advantages of pneumatic tools:  (1) Air is used as the working medium of pneumatic transmission. It is inexhaustible and convenient to source. After use, it is directly discharged into the atmosphere without polluting the environment.  (2) Good adaptability to the working environment. In harsh envir
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