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[Industry news] Precautions and tips for pneumatic grinders
Pneumatic sanding machine is a tool specially used to sand objects of various materials, which can well remove some burrs of products of these materials, which is more in line with the needs of users.Pneumatic grinders are now widely used in many industrial productions. It has the advantages of smal
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[Industry news] Pneumatic tools are widely used and developed worldwide
Pneumatic tools are widely used and developed worldwideThe first appearance of pneumatic tools in the world dates back to the 19th century. In 1829, Britain produced the world's first multi-stage, which laid the foundation for the practical application of pneumatic tool products. In 1844, the first
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[Industry news] Common fault repair methods of pneumatic polishing machine
The polishing machine is suitable for automatic polishing and metal grinding and deburring. Lightweight, ergonomic design for easy one-handed control; variable speed control allows users to easily adjust the speed according to different applications; the pneumatic polishing machine is often used, an
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[Industry news] Classification of pneumatic polishing machines
Polishers are also called grinders and are often used for mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. Its working principle is: the motor drives the sponge or wool polishing disk installed on the polishing machine to rotate at high speed. Because the polishing disk and the polishing agent work togeth
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[Industry news] Pneumatic sand belt machine applicable industry
Nowadays pneumatic tools have a wide range of applications, and their safe and efficient features are generally welcomed by everyone. Now I will introduce the scope of application of pneumatic belt sanders and the applicable industries:   It is convenient for surface grinding and various operations
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