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[Technology News] Teach you how to had acrylic polished more bright by pneumatic tools
1,Acrylic is a kind of plexiglass, currently widely used in advertising decoration, interior decoration, handicrafts and other industries. The surface is bright and clean into the mirror, and not easy to break, the quality is much lighter than ordinary glass, the most important thing is that the CNC
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[Technology News] What is the best speed of polishing stainless steel
What is the best speed of polishing stainless steeRelease time:2020-07-22 Number of hits:262The speed of polishing stainless steel plate by pneumatic polishing machine is not fixed, which is determined by the disc and abrasive you use1. Thick plate: such as Japanese short wool disc, high speed is ea
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[Technology News] Did you use the pneumatic grinder correctly
Did you use the pneumatic grinder correctly Kaibao precision machinery your side of the pneumatic tool experts, focusing on pneumatic tools for 10 years, professional maintenance team and after-sales service department, Kaibao quality, you are worthy of trust, I would like to introduce the pneumatic
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[Technology News] Analysis report and development prospect of pneuma
China's pneumatic polishing machine industry is an analysis of the polishing machine industry analysis and development prospects forecast what kind of industry, and then how to develop? I think many pneumatic polisher companies are very concerned about this kind of problem. Let's look at the analysi
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[Technology News] how to choose a pneumatic grinder
Seven grinding skills of pneumatic grinder Pneumatic grinding machine is one of the common grinding equipment. It can not only polish the surface of finished products, but also purify the finished products. Although the working procedure of grinding machine is relatively complex, the products proces
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