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[Technology News] Air Sander using Tips
Pneumatic sander is one of the common grinding tools, it can not only polish the finished surface but also purify the finished product. Although the process of grinding machine is more complex, but the use of grinder processing products are finely crafted surface is relatively smooth. And the grinde
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[Technology News] AIr Pneumtic Sander introduction
Pneumatic sanders are commonly used for metal grinding, cutting, removal of paint layer, grinding of putty layer and so on. Pneumatic grinder has disc grinder, track grinder and sand belt machine, etc. , disc grinder and composite role grinder and single sports disc grinder two types are suitable fo
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[Technology News] Spray guns Slection
Paint Gun is a tool used to apply Paint to the most diverse surfaces by the spray motion. They are a common tool in our lives. They can be used for car body work, biochemistry, murals, and handicraft work. It is an excellent choice for a practical and very fast way to perform services.The types of s
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[Technology News] How to maintance pneumatic tools
Pneumatic tools are generally relatively small, and the advantage is that they are easy to use, not suitable for wear, and more importantly, they save money. The service life of pneumatic tools is very long, but if the use and maintenance methods are not correct, you will find that your pneumatic to
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[Technology News] Matters needing attention when using flap disc
The flap disc is called an elastic grinding disc. It is a round consolidated abrasive tool with a through hole in the center made of abrasives and bonding agents. It has good elasticity, high efficiency, good heat dissipation, and low noise. It can be used in shipbuilding, automobiles, aviation, and
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