PANDAS 6 inch PS6500


Product Description

PANDAS Series Air Sander:

1.       A+ Quality (3M,MIRKA,DYNABRADE)                                                                                                     

2.       6inch (150mm), Self-Vacuum,                                                         

3.       Orbit 2.5mm or 5mm,

4.       12000rpm       

5.       with a superior 1.8-meter dust-exhaust hose

6.       a superior air hose and a superior dust-collecting bag

文本框: Unique design prop, Hold hand no tire with long time work 独特的支撑设计,长时间的使用也不会疲劳


图片包含 室内, 桌子, 蓝色, 电脑 自动生成的说明


Unique designed Throttle Valve Lever, extra keel support, not broken even 50000 times press





文本框: 独特的压板设计,部分能压进抓手,更稳定不会晃动。 Unique designed Throttle Valve Lever , front end can put into the grasp, more stable without shake.





















More bigger gap, can have 2 fingers stick into it to grasp the tools more easier.




















Soft rubber vacumm shroud, which produces excellent vacuum effect, and the dust-removing effect reaches more than 95%

In addition, it can brake faster to stop the back-up pad, shorten the time for changing sandpaper and improve work efficiency.



















文本框: 抓手更好的人体工程学设计有更好的握感 The gripper has better ergonomic design and a better grip, Also the grip has a non-slip design to reduce vibration

文本框: 防滑设计non-slip design. non-slip design.
















文本框: 多孔加中心孔的底盘设计,更好的除尘效果。除尘效率达到98%以上。 Mult-hole design, better dust removal effect. Dust vacuum efficiency reaches above 98%.









Inside dustproof patent design.To protect rotor and bearings



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