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Knowledge of pneumatic belt sander

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The pneumatic belt sander is mainly used for small, complex, difficult to grind parts. The lever throttle valve of the pneumatic belt sander has a control function and is easy to replace the belt, which is suitable for working in small spaces and concave corners. Help you to do fine sanding work, such as wood processing, furniture polishing, plastic, aluminum metal polishing, and even small point sanding work, such as edges, curves and other difficult ordinary sanders that cannot be reached. You can understand the pneumatic belt sander from the following points

1. Features of pneumatic belt sander

2. Precautions for pneumatic belt sander

3. Applicable fields of pneumatic belt sander

4. Pneumatic belt sander operating procedures


pneumatic belt sander characteristics

Abrasive belt 20*520mm (adjustable and replaceable).

The speed is fast and the efficiency is high.

The angle can be rotated and the operation is simple.

Strong horsepower and safe and energy-saving.


Precautions for pneumatic belt sander

1. Operators are strictly forbidden to wear loose clothes and gloves. Long hair must be tied up and concealed in a hat.

2. Poor spirit or work after drinking is strictly prohibited.

3. When installing the abrasive belt, pay attention to the proper elasticity of the abrasive belt.

4. When starting the sanding machine, the operator should turn away from the sanding belt to prevent the sanding belt from slipping out and hurting people.

5. During the sanding process, the operator must pay attention to personal safety, and it is strictly forbidden to reach the front desk of the sanding belt or touch the sanding belt.

6. The sanded parts should be sanded along the wood grain as much as possible. In case of defects such as knots, cracks, etc., pay more attention to the force of the binder plate to prevent the sanding belt from tearing.

7. Please close the main gate when the sand machine is not in use.


Applicable fields of pneumatic belt sander

1. The surface of aluminum casting products is polished and trimmed.

2. Furniture wood industry.

3. FRP, metal products.



Pneumatic belt sander operating procedures

When performing sanding operations, the parts must be held firmly and approach the belt slowly following the shape of the part; pay attention to gradually increase the strength of the grip when the part approaches the belt.

During the sanding process, it must keep swinging back and forth to prevent the uneven force from deforming the sand of the parts.

During the operation, the direction of sanding must follow the direction of the wood grain, otherwise there will be horizontal sand marks on the surface of the parts; but for some criss-cross parts, first horizontal and then vertical, will have a better surface quality effect.

It is necessary to check while operating, and there must be no sand deformation, no sand in place, fuzzing, etc. If sand marks are serious, they must be dealt with in time.

For the parts that are filled with soil or wood ash, they should not be sanded until the soil and wood ash are completely dried to prevent the soil and glue from sticking to the sanding belt, causing poor sanding.

The processed parts should be placed on the pre-prepared backing plate or material rack and stacked neatly.

After the operation is completed, turn off the power, clean the operation site, and maintain the equipment in accordance with relevant regulations.


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