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Working principle of pneumatic air grinder

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The pneumatic air grinder is a kind of grinder. The grinding machine is controlled by a step-less speed regulation system, which can easily adjust the grinding speed suitable for grinding various parts. Adopt electric proportional valve closed-loop feedback. The working principle of the pneumatic air grinder is:

1. Pressure control

2. Variable speed control method of pneumatic air grinder

3. Grinding with fixed abrasive

4. Pneumatic grinding machine host

Pressure control

The pressure device can be adjusted independently. The upper plate is equipped with a deceleration function to prevent the thin and brittle workpieces from being broken during the working process. According to the processing requirements, the grinding time and the number of cycles can be accurately controlled through the time relay and the grinding counter.The pressure mode can be adjusted during work, and when the grinding time or lap speed is reached, it will automatically stop and give an alarm, realizing a semi-automatic operation.

Variable speed control method of pneumatic air grinder

There are three stages in the grinding process, namely the beginning stage, the formal stage and the end-stage. The grinding tool rotates at an increasing speed in the initial stage, the grinding tool rotates at a constant speed in the formal stage, and the grinding tool rotates at a reduced speed in the final stage. The acceleration that artificially controls the rotational speed of the abrasive tool increases from zero to fast. When the rotational speed of the abrasive tool rises to half of the formal grinding speed, there is an inflection point in the change of acceleration, and the acceleration that controls the rotational speed of the abrasive tool increases from the maximum value from fast to slow.

Grinding with fixed abrasive

According to the relative motion trajectory density distribution between the workpiece and abrasive tools, the abrasive density distribution on the abrasive tool is reasonably designed so that the wear of the abrasive tool during the grinding process does not affect the surface accuracy of the abrasive tool, thereby significantly improving the surface accuracy of the workpiece, And avoid the trouble of dressing abrasive tools. The rotary motion of the abrasive tool is mainly, and the workpiece motion is supplemented. In most cases, the workpiece floats on the abrasive tool. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the force of the workpiece to find the force state and the law of motion.

Pneumatic grinding machine host

Driven by a speed-adjusting motor, equipped with a high-power deceleration system, soft start, soft stop, stable operation. Through the upper and lower grinding discs, grinding machines, sun wheels, and planetary wheels during processing, can lift up and down and grind in four directions to form a coordinated grinding action to achieve efficient operation.The lower grinding disc can be raised and lowered freely to facilitate the replacement of workpieces. The pneumatic sun gear adopts a variable speed device, which can precisely control the grinding accuracy and speed on both sides of the workpiece. Equipped with a correction wheel, which can correct the parallel error of the upper and lower grinding discs.

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